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Table 2 Overview of the vineyards from where the phenological data was derived. The locations of the vineyard in Changins (CGI) and Leytron (LEY) are defined in terms of their coordinates, altitude, and region. Additionally, the number of observations regarding budburst (BBCH09) and the corresponding period, as well as average yearly rainfall and global radiation, is provided

From: Changing risk of spring frost damage in grapevines due to climate change? A case study in the Swiss Rhone Valley

Region Lake Geneva Region Swiss Rhone Valley
Coordinates 46° 24′ N/6° 14′ E 46° 11′ N/7° 13′ E
Altitude 440 m asl 512 m asl
Mean annual rainfall (2009–2015) 993 mm 595 mm
Mean annual global radiation (2009–2015) 1186 kW m−2 1392 kW m−2
Observation period 1958–2012 1977–2014
Number of observations for BBCH09 55 38
  1. Source: Agroscope’s Viticulture Research Centre Pully (; Agrometeo (