Recurrent chyloperitoneum—a rare complication of peritoneal dialysis


We report the spontaneous development of recurrent chyloperitoneum as a complication of peritoneal dialysis in a toddler. An 18-month-old boy with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) on continuous cycling peritoneal dialysis developed spontaneous chyloperitoneum. He was treated conservatively, with a low-fat diet supplemented with medium-chain triglycerides. The chyloperitoneum resolved within 2 days of his being on the low-fat diet, but it recurred after re-institution of regular feeds on four occasions. After 3 months, the chyle leak finally resolved after an extended period of low-fat feeds. Chyloperitoneum is a rare complication of peritoneal dialysis that can be confused with signs of peritonitis, and it is important to differentiate between the two so that appropriate management can be undertaken. This paper discusses the possible causes, management and complications of recurrent chyloperitoneum.

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