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Table 5

From: Guidelines for laparoscopic treatment of ventral and incisional abdominal wall hernias (International Endohernia Society [IEHS])—Part 2

Series Incidence (%) Laparoscopy/laparotomy Primary repair of intestine/resection Mesh explant/primary hernia repair
Baccari et al. [20] 1 Yes/yes Resection Explant/primary repair
Ben-Haim et al. [21] 2 No/yes Primary repair Explant/hernia not repaired
Berger et al. [22] 1.3 No/yes Repair (n = 1) Resection (n = 1) Explant/primary repair
Binenbaum and Goldfarb [23] 0.3 No/yes Resection Not described
Heniford et al. [6] 1.7 No/yes Resection Primary repair
Koehler and Voeller [14] 2.9 No/yes Resection Explant/primary repair
Moreno-Egea et al. [13] 1.1 Not mentioned Not discussed Not discussed
Perrone et al. [24] 1.6 No/yes Resection Not mentioned/primary hernia repair
Wara and Anderson [25] 1.4 Not mentioned Not discussed Not discussed
Wright et al. [15] 0.68 No/yes Not discussed Explant/not discussed