Video-assisted thoracoscopic transdiaphragmatic liver resection for hepatocellular carcinoma


Because of technical complexity, concern for vascular control, and uncertainty in regard to oncologic outcome, the application of minimally invasive techniques to liver surgery has been slower than in most other abdominal procedures. This is despite well-known advantages with respect to postoperative pain, length of hospitalization, and recovery time. Although laparoscopic liver surgery has recently become more common, the majority of laparoscopic liver resections comprise anterolateral wedge resections and left lateral sectorectomies. Laparoscopic resections of the posterosuperior segments are more difficult and few reports are available in the literature. Compared to laparoscopy, gaining access to tumors in the dome of the liver may be more easily obtained via thoracoscopy, thereby preserving the benefits of minimally invasive surgery. This technical report describes two cases of hepatocellular carcinoma in segments VII and VIII resected via a video-assisted thoracoscopic transdiaphragmatic approach.

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