Endoscopic repair of a large colonoscopic perforation with clips


We report a patient with a large colonic perforation that occurred in a screening colonoscopy, successfully repaired with endoclips, although the safety and efficacy of this approach is not entirely established. Endoscopic clip placement can be used to treat iatrogenic colonic perforation, when the defect is readily recognized and is easily accessible for closure, and the bowel preparation is excellent.

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The authors are grateful to Dr. Gottumukkala S. Raju, University of Texas Medical Branch, for his thoughtful revision on this report.

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Correspondence to Walton Albuquerque or Vitor Arantes.

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A large defect is observed in the sigmoid colon with minimal bleeding. A total of six endoscopic clips are placed sequentially to close entirely the defect. Observe that the bowel wall is deflated, as minimal insufflation of air was applied intentionally during the closure of the perforation. (WMV 6318 kb)

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