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Editor’s Note: Special Issue on Parameterized and Exact Computation

Part of the following topical collections:
  1. Special Issue: Parameterized and Exact Computation

The Algorithmica journal gratefully acknowledges the editorial work of the following scholars on this special issue dedicated to Parameterized and Exact Computation, based upon work from IPEC 2017:

Professor Daniel Lokshtanov

University of Bergen

Professor Naomi Nishimura

University of Waterloo

The nine papers in this issue include:
  • “A Fixed-Parameter Perspective on #BIS” by Radu Curticapean, Holger Dell, Fedor Fomin, Leslie Ann Goldberg.

  • “Optimal Data Reduction for Graph Coloring Using Low-Degree Polynomials” by Bart M. P. Jansen, Astrid Pieterse.

  • “Generalized Feedback Vertex Set Problems on Bounded-Treewidth Graphs: Chordality is the Key to Single-Exponential Parameterized Algorithms” by Édouard Bonnet, Nick Brettell, O-joung Kwon, Dániel Marx.

  • “Turing Kernelization for Finding Long Paths in Graph Classes Excluding a Topological Minor” by Bart M. P. Jansen, Marcin Pilipczuk, Marcin Wrochna.

  • “Tight Conditional Lower Bounds for Longest Common Increasing Subsequence” by Lech Duraj, Marvin Künnemann, Adam Polak.

  • “New Tools and Connections for Exponential-Time Approximation” by Nikhil Bansal, Parinya Chalermsook, Bundit Laekhanukit, Danupon Nanongkai.

  • “Generalized Kakeya sets for polynomial evaluation and faster computation of fermionants” by Andreas Björklund, Petteri Kaski, Ryan Williams.

  • “An Exponential Lower Bound for Cut Sparsifiers in Planar Graphs” by Nikolai Karpov, Marcin Pilipczuk, Anna Zych-Pawlewicz.

  • “How Much Does a Treedepth Modulator Help to Obtain Polynomial Kernels Beyond Sparse Graphs?” by Marin Bougeret, Ignasi Sau.


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