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Caldera unrest detected with seawater temperature anomalies at Deception Island, Antarctic Peninsula

  • M. Berrocoso
  • G. Prates
  • A. Fernández-Ros
  • L. M. Peci
  • A. de Gil
  • B. Rosado
  • R. Páez
  • B. Jigena
Research Article


Increased thermal activity was detected to coincide with the onset of volcano inflation in the seawater-filled caldera at Deception Island. This thermal activity was manifested in pulses of high water temperature that coincided with ocean tide cycles. The seawater temperature anomalies were detected by a thermometric sensor attached to the tide gauge (bottom pressure sensor). This was installed where the seawater circulation and the locations of known thermal anomalies, fumaroles and thermal springs, together favor the detection of water warmed within the caldera. Detection of the increased thermal activity was also possible because sea ice, which covers the entire caldera during the austral winter months, insulates the water and thus reduces temperature exchange between seawater and atmosphere. In these conditions, the water temperature data has been shown to provide significant information about Deception volcano activity. The detected seawater temperature increase, also observed in soil temperature readings, suggests rapid and near-simultaneous increase in geothermal activity with onset of caldera inflation and an increased number of seismic events observed in the following austral summer.


Caldera unrest Seawater temperature anomalies Deception Island, Antarctic Peninsula 



This geodetic research has been carried out with the support of the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science as part of the National Antarctic Program. The following research projects contributed directly to this work: “Volcano-tectonic activity on Deception Island: geodetic, geophysical investigations and remote sensing on Deception Island and its surroundings (CGL2005-07589-C03-01/ANT)” and “Geodetic and geothermal researches, time serial analysis, and volcanic innovation in Antarctica (South Shetland Islands and Antarctic Peninsula (GEOTINANT) (CTM2009-07251/ANT).” The contributions of both editors and of the reviewers Nicolas Fournier and Magnús T. Gudmundsson are very much appreciated, which greatly helped to improve the manuscript.


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