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Correction to: Expanding the genetic heterogeneity of intellectual disability

The Original Article was published on 22 September 2017

Correction to: Hum Genet (2017) 136:1419–1429

Variant nomenclature discrepancy was identified in the article “Expanding the genetic heterogeneity of intellectual disability”, Human Genetics, November 2017, Volume 136, Issue 11–12, pp 1419–1429 after its publication. Specifically, the nomenclature of GTF3C3 was originally listed as NM_012086.4:c.1382+3A>G when it should be NM_012086.4:c.1390+3A>G, the nomenclature of MADD was originally listed as NM_001135943.1:c.2930T>G:p.(Val977Gly) when it should be NM_001135943.1:c.2930T>G:p.(Leu977Arg), and the variant NM_001164416.1:c.124C>T:p.(Arg42*) was listed under the gene’s name VWA3B when it should be H2BFM. The following changes were made in the attached corrections:

  1. 1.

    Nomenclature of GTF3C3 is changed to NM_012086.4:c.1390+3A>G in 15DG0315 (from NM_012086.4:c.1382+3A>G) in the main text, Table S1, Table S2 and Figure S1.

  2. 2.

    The variant NM_001164416.1:c.124C>T:p.(Arg42*) in 17DG0782 is now correctly listed under the name H2BFM in the abstract, Table 1, Table S1 and Table S2.

  3. 3.

    Nomenclature of MADD is changed to NM_001135943.1:c.2930T>G:p.(Leu977Arg) in 17DG0771 (From NM_001135943.1:c.2930T>G:p.(Val977Gly) in results, Table 1, Table S1, and Table S2.

Table 1 Novel candidate genes identified in this study

The authors sincerely apologize for these errors and appreciate the opportunity to mend the records.

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