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Cerebrovascular events in Takayasu arteritis: a multicenter case-controlled study

  • Priscille Couture
  • Thibaud Chazal
  • Charlotte Rosso
  • Julien Haroche
  • Anne Léger
  • Baptiste Hervier
  • Sandrine Deltour
  • Zahir Amoura
  • Fleur Cohen Aubart
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Takayasu arteritis (TA) is a giant cell arteritis usually affecting young women and characterized by inflammatory and ischemic signs of large vessel involvement, including extracranial cerebral arteries. The impact of stroke on TA prognosis has not been well evaluated.


We performed a retrospective multicenter review of patients with definite TA who experienced at least one stroke and compared the findings to 17 matched patients with TA diagnosis without neurological involvement.


Seventeen patients (15 women, median age at stroke diagnosis 44 years) receiving a diagnosis of TA and stroke between 2002 and 2016 in our institution were included, from a cohort of 126 patients suffering from TA (13.5%). At diagnosis, patients from both groups had comparable cardiovascular risk factors. The first cerebrovascular event was ischemic stroke (n = 15) or transient ischemic attack (n = 2). In eight patients, stroke occurred after the TA diagnosis was made. In four patients, stroke occurred after carotid surgery. At the end of follow-up, 59% of patients had a neurological impairment, 35% had a recurrence of stroke, and 24% suffered from epilepsy.


Stroke is a major cause of disability in TA patients. Internal carotid surgery may be performed with caution because of the risk of stroke after the procedure.


Takayasu arteritis Stroke Carotid artery Surgery 


Author contributions

All the authors (PC, TC, CR, JH, AL, BH, ZA and FCA) contributed to drafting/revising the manuscript for content and study design as well as analysis and interpretation of the data. TC, PC, CR, BH, and FCA contributed to the acquisition of data. PC and FCA conducted the statistical analysis. ZA and FCA coordinated the study. All the authors approved the final submitted version.

Compliance with ethical standards

Conflicts of interest

The authors declare no conflicts of interest and no disclosures relevant to the manuscript.

Ethical standards

This study was performed in compliance with the Helsinki Declaration and its later amendments.

Informed consent

For this type of study, formal consent was not required.


This work was not supported by any funding.


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