Haplotype diversity of 17 Y-STRs in Sheikh population of Punjab


Y chromosomal short tandem repeat (Y-STR) haplotype diversity of 180 genetically unrelated male individuals from Sheikh population of Punjab Pakistan was studied by amplifying 17 Y-STR markers through the AmpFISTR®Yfiler™ PCR amplification kit. The analysis of data revealed mean discrimination capacity of 0.6438 and matching probability of 0.3561. Sheikh population was also compared with 11 other populations in order to determine its population relationships which indicated that Punjabi Sheikhs have low genetic resemblance with Indian-Balmiki, UAE [Arab], Yousafzai Pathan from Pakistan, and Pathans from Afghanistan. The data of this study could have valuable application in forensic cases, in population genetics studies, and in strengthening the Y-STR database.

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  • Y chromosome
  • Short tandem repeats
  • Sheikh population
  • Haplotype diversity