Forensic parameters and allele frequency distributions of 16 STR in a Paraguayan population


Paraguay is a Latin American country located in the central zone of South America. There is no official data on the ethnic composition of its population. The European colonization and the wars through which the country crossed were fundamental for its current genetic composition. Here, we analyzed sixteen short tandem repeats (STRs) used in the CODIS system in 259 Paraguayan individuals.

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Thanks to the Coordination for Improvement of Higher Education Personnel-Brazil (CAPES) for the MSc scholarship, to the Bauru Dental School-University of São Paulo, and the Thermo Fisher Scientific team.

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Correspondence to Tamara Soledad Frontanilla.

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• The genotype frequencies are distributed according to the expected.

• The population is in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium.

• All loci studied were considered very informative.

• The studied loci are useful for the criminal investigations.

• It will be possible to create a genetic-population database in Paraguay.

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  • Microsatellite repeats
  • Paraguay
  • Genetic loci
  • Gene frequency