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Table 4 Nutrient targets for compulsory nutrients to promote per product category

From: A nutrient profiling system for the (re)formulation of a global food and beverage portfolio

Item %DV/serving
Protein Calcium Fiber
Larger meal components
Milk-based breakfast beverages ≥10 % and ≥12 %en ≥20 % and ≥111 mg/100 kcala
Cereal-based foods ≥10 % and ≥12 %en ≥20 % and ≥111 mg/100 kcala ≥10 %
Complete meals (all dishes eaten as main part of meal including pizzas >185 g) ≥12 %en
Side dishes and center of plate foods ≥15 % and ≥20 %en
Asian noodles as main dish
Pizza as center of plate (<185 g) ≥10 % and ≥12 %en
Smaller meal components/snacks
Breads and pizza doughs ≥10 %
Cheeses ≥12 %en
Yogurts and fresh cheeses ≥12 %en ≥111 mg/100 kcala
Dairy desserts ≥5 %DV/100 kcalb
Enriched beverages ≥5 % DV/100 kcal   
Milk-based beverages for consumption as small part of a meal or in-between meals ≥12 %en ≥111 mg/100 kcala
Cereal-based snacks, cereal-based products for consumption as small part of a meal or in-between meals ≥5 % or 5 %DV/100 kcalb,c
  1. %en % energy; DV daily value, based on international or local recommendations
  2. a≥16 %DV/100 kcal for children 4–8 years old
  3. b≥6 %DV/100 kcal for children 4–8 years old
  4. cCereal-based products consumed as a snack are not considered a high source of fiber, but still a potential carrier product so the compulsory fiber target is set to 5 %DV/serving