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Reply to the letter “Cardiac autonomic evaluation in breast cancer patients: role of cytokines and heart rate recovery”

  • Claudia Arab
  • Luiz Carlos Marques Vanderlei
  • Yori Gidron
  • Celso Ferreira
Letter to the Editors


We received a letter about our recently published article. Okutucu et al. have suggested certain evaluations for future investigations. The suggestions were about assessments of cardiac autonomic modulation, cytokines and heart rate recovery (HRR) in breast cancer patients. We agree with the authors and are thankful for the suggestions. Our responses to these suggestions are given in the following.

We agree with the authors and consider that investigating the relationship between breast cancer staging, cardiac autonomic modulation and inflammation is promising. In our article, we also discussed our result (i.e., lower vagal modulation in advanced breast cancer patients compared to early-stages) and we proposed that this could be due to the neuroimmunomodulatory role of the vagus nerve in cancer [1]. Cancer tumors progress under the influence of inflammation [2]. Animal model studies have shown interesting relationships between vagal modulation, inflammation and tumor...


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Departamento de Medicina, Disciplina de Cardiologia, Hospital São Paulo, Escola Paulista de MedicinaUniversidade Federal de São PauloSao PauloBrazil
  2. 2.Departamento de Fisioterapia, Faculdade de Ciência e TecnologiaUniversidade do Estado de São PauloPresidente PrudenteBrazil
  3. 3.Free University of Brussels (VUB)IxellesBelgium

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