Predictive value of the sentinel lymph node procedure in the staging of non-metastatic colorectal cancer



Despite the recent growing interest of the scientific community, there is still no consensus on the actual applicability and effectiveness of sentinel lymph node (SL) procedure in colon cancers. This study aims to quantify feasibility, detection rate, negative predictive value, and accuracy of the SL identified with fluorescent dye in early colon cancers (ECC).


This study conducted a consecutive sampling of 95 patients with non-metastatic colorectal cancer who have been treated with laparoscopic colon resection and complete mesocolic excision after a 25-mg indocyanine green peritumoral laparoscopic injection and SL identification with a near-infrared camera. The SL was later isolated and sent to ultra-staging.


Ninety-five patients with an average age of 71 (range 37–90) and a mean BMI of 25 (range 18–39) have been recruited. On the patient sample (92 Pts), an average of 1.49 SL (range 1–5) and a mean time of 4 min were identified. The detection rate was 96.8% and the negative predictive value and accuracy rates were 96.2% and 93.4%, respectively.


Mapping the SL with fluorescent dye can play an important role in the treatment of colon cancers, particularly those at early stages, and can lead to ultra-conservative surgery.

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