Testis-sparing surgery for testicular tumors in children: a 20 year single center experience and systematic review of the literature



Although surgical therapy for testicular tumors (TT) is often radical orchidectomy, tumor resection with preservation of healthy testicular parenchyma has been proposed. This study herein reports a 20 year single center experience applying testicular sparing surgery (TSS) as a primary operative strategy in pediatric patients. A systematic literature review summarizes the utility and outcomes of TSS in appropriately selected patients.


Pediatric patients with TT who underwent TSS between 1997 and 2018 were studied. TSS was indicated if patients presented evidence of adequately spared healthy testicular parenchyma on preoperative ultrasound and negative serum tumor markers. A systematic review of the literature was also performed.


12 cases met full inclusion criteria with 10 of 12 subjects in the prepubertal age group. Follow-up was 73 months (range 18–278 months). Only a single male patient (GSCCT) presented with early recurrence and orchidectomy was then performed. No cases of postoperative testicular atrophy were identified. Sexual maturation (Tanner stage) expected for age in each patient was documented. Review of the literature identified 34 published studies including 269 patients (94% prepubertal). Pathologic lesions here were mainly mature teratoma(s)—(62%) with a follow-up period of 4 years. Recurrent tumors were observed in only three patients (1.1%) notably two Leydig Cell Tumors and one Teratoma. Testicular atrophy reportedly occurred in only one single case (0.37%).


TSS is a feasible alternative to radical orchidectomy in pediatric male patients with localized TT and negative tumor markers. Long term follow-up is essential to monitor testicular growth, puberty with sexual development and psychological male health.

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Testicular tumors


Testicular sparing surgery


Giant Sertoli cell calcifying tumor


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