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Clinic-day surgery for children: a patient and staff perspective

  • Cory N. Criss
  • Johnathan Brown
  • Joshua S. Gish
  • Samir K. Gadepalli
  • Ronald B. Hirschl
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For the past 3 years, our institution has implemented a same clinic-day surgery (CDS) program, where common surgical procedures are performed the same day as the initial clinic evaluation. We sought to evaluate the patient and faculty/staff satisfaction following the implementation of this program.


After IRB approval, patients presenting for the CDS between 2014 and 2017 were retrospectively reviewed. Of these, patient families who received CDS were contacted to perform a telephone survey focusing on their overall satisfaction and to obtain feedback. In addition, feedback from faculty/staff members directly involved in the program was obtained to determine barriers and satisfaction with the program.


Twenty-nine patients received CDS, with the most commonly performed procedures being inguinal hernia repair (34%) and umbilical hernia repair (24%). Twenty (69%) patients agreed to perform the telephone survey. Parents were overall satisfied with the CDS program, agreeing that the instructions were easy to understand. Overall, 79% of parents indicated that it decreased overall stress/anxiety, with 75% saying it allowed for less time away from work, and 95% agreeing to pursue CDS again if offered. The most common negative feedback was an unspecified operative start time (15%). While faculty/staff members agreed the program was patient-centered, there were concerns over low enrollment and surgeon continuity, because there were different evaluating and operating surgeons.


This study successfully evaluated the satisfaction of patients and faculty/staff members after implementing a clinic-day surgery program. Our results demonstrated improved patient family satisfaction, with families reporting decreased anxiety and less time away from work. Despite this, faculty and staff members reported challenges with enrollment and surgeon continuity.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Cory N. Criss
    • 1
  • Johnathan Brown
    • 2
  • Joshua S. Gish
    • 3
  • Samir K. Gadepalli
    • 1
  • Ronald B. Hirschl
    • 1
  1. 1.Section of Pediatric Surgery, Department of Surgery, Michigan MedicineC.S. Mott Children’s HospitalAnn ArborUSA
  2. 2.University of Michigan School of MedicineAnn ArborUSA
  3. 3.Penn State Health SystemHersheyUSA

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