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Impact of surgery, adjuvant treatment, and other prognostic factors in the management of anaplastic ganglioglioma

  • Supriya Mallick
  • Rony Benson
  • Wineeta Melgandi
  • Prashanth Giridhar
  • G. K. Rath
Original Paper



Anaplastic ganglioglioma (AGG) is a rare tumor with both glial and neuronal component accounting for less than 1% of all CNS tumors with limited information about the optimum treatment and outcome of these tumors.

Method and materials

We did a thorough search of the PubMed with the following MesH terms: “Ganglioglioma; Anaplastic ganglioglioma; Ganglioglioma AND treatment; and Anaplastic ganglioglioma AND survival” to find all possible publications related to AGG to perform an individual patient data analysis and derive the survival outcome and optimum treatment of these tumors.


A total of 56 articles were retrieved pertaining to AGG with 88 patients. However, a total of 40 publications found eligible with 69 patients for individual patient data analysis. Median age for the entire cohort was 16 years (range 0.2–77 years). Surgical details were available for 64 patients. A gross total or near total resection was reported in 21 cases (32.8%), subtotal resection or debulking was reported in 25 cases (39.1%). Surgical details were available for 64 patients. A gross total or near total resection was reported in 21 cases (32.8%), and subtotal resection or debulking was reported in 25 cases (39.1%). Median overall survival (OS) was 29 months [95% CI 15.8–42.2 months] with 2- and 5-year OS 61 and 39.4% respectively.


AGG is associated with a dismal. Pediatric age and a gross total resection of tumor confer a better progression-free survival and OS. Hence, surgery should remain the cornerstone of therapy. However, because of modest survival, there is enough opportunity to improve survival with addition of adjuvant radiation and chemotherapy. A whole genome sequencing and molecular characterization would help to derive the best treatment option.


Anaplastic ganglioglioma Surgery Radiotherapy Chemotherapy Survival 


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