Hamiltonian Cycle Properties in k-Extendable Non-bipartite Graphs with High Connectivity


Let G be a graph, \(\nu \) the order of G and k a positive integer such that \(k\le (\nu -2)/2\). Then G is said to be k-extendable if it has a matching of size k and every matching of size k extends to a perfect matching of G. A graph G is Hamiltonian if it contains a Hamiltonian cycle. A graph G is Hamiltonian-connected if, for any two of its vertices, it contains a spanning path joining the two vertices. In this paper, we discuss k-extendable nonbipartite graphs with \(\kappa (G)\ge 2k+r\) where \(k\ge 1\) and \(r\ge 0\). It is shown that if \(\nu \le 6k+2r\), then G is Hamiltonian; and if \(\nu > 6k+2r\), then G has a longest cycle C such that \(|V(C)|\ge 6k+2r\); and if \(\nu <6k+2r\), then G is Hamiltonian-connected; and if \(\nu \ge 6k+2r\), then for each pair of vertices \(z_1\) and \(z_2\) of G, there is a path P of G joining \(z_1\) and \(z_2\) such that \(|V(P)|\ge 6k+2r-2\). All the bounds are sharp and all results can be extended to 2k-factor-critical graphs.

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The authors are grateful to the referees for their careful reading and constructive suggestions that improved the quality of the paper greatly.

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Zhiyong Gan was supported by the State Scholarship Fund awarded by the China Scholarship Council (Grant number 201906755002), and the Scholarship of South China Normal University for Studying Abroad.

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  • k-Extendable
  • Nonbipartite graph
  • Long cycle
  • Hamiltonian-connected
  • k-factor-critical

Mathematics Subject Classification

  • 05C70
  • 05C38