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Facial Rainbow Edge-Coloring of Plane Graphs

  • Stanislav Jendrol’
Original Paper


An edge-coloring of a loopless plane graph G is a facial rainbow edge-coloring if any two edges of G contained in the same facial path have distinct colors. The facial rainbow edge-number of a graph G, denoted \(\mathrm {erb}(G)\), is the minimum number of colors that are necessary in any facial rainbow edge-coloring. In the present note we prove that \(\mathrm {erb}(G) \le \lfloor \frac{3}{2} (L(G) + 1) \rfloor \) for all connected loopless plane graphs, where L(G) is the length of the longest facial path of G. This bound is tight. For the family of all 3-connected plane graphs this bound is improved to \(L(G) + 2\). For trees there is \(\mathrm {erb}(G) \le \lfloor \frac{3}{2} L(G) \rfloor \) which is also tight. Moreover, if G is a tree with \(L(G) \ge 7\) and without degree two vertices, then \(\mathrm {erb}(G) = L(G)\).


Cyclic coloring Rainbow coloring Plane graphs 



This work was supported by the Slovak VEGA Grant 1/0368/16 and by the Slovak Research and Development Agency under the Contract No. APVV-15-0116.


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  1. 1.Institute of Mathematics, Faculty of ScienceP. J. Šafárik UniversityKosiceSlovakia

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