Nonlinear thermal buckling and postbuckling analysis of bidirectional functionally graded tapered microbeams based on Reddy beam theory


In the present study, the nonlinear thermal buckling, postbuckling, and snap-through phenomenon of higher-order shear deformable tapered bidirectional functionally graded (BDFG) microbeams are comprehensively investigated under different types of thermal loading, for the first time. The thermomechanical properties of the BDFG microbeam are assumed to be functions of temperature, axial, and thickness directions. Reddy’s parabolic shear deformation beam theory with the von Kármán nonlinearity is employed to derive the variable coefficient governing nonlinear differential equations on the basis the physical neutral surface concept. Size-dependent effect is captured in the formulation employing the modified couple stress theory. The generalized differential quadrature method (GDQM) is used to discretize the motion equations considering different boundary conditions. The resulting system of nonlinear algebraic equations is solved iteratively using Newton’s method. Theoretical analysis and numerical results indicate that, depending on the shear deformation beam theory, boundary conditions, and the type of thermal load, the response of the BDFG microbeam may be of the bifurcation or snap-through buckling type of instability. Numerical parametric studies are conducted to explore the influences of thermal load type, material property gradient indexes, boundary conditions, material temperature dependency, taperness ratio, and microstructural length scale on critical thermal buckling load, thermal postbuckling, and equilibrium paths of the BDFG microbeam.

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  • Bidirectional functionally graded microbeams
  • Modified couple stress theory
  • Temperature-dependent physical properties
  • Thermal pre- and postbuckling
  • Snap-through phenomena
  • Generalized differential quadrature method