Squeezing flow of nanofluids of Cu–water and kerosene between two parallel plates by Gegenbauer Wavelet Collocation method


Operational matrices of Gegenbauer wavelets have significant role for approximate solution of differential equations. In the present study, approximate solutions of the squeezing nanofluids of Cu–kerosene and Cu–water between parallel plates with magnetic field are obtained by GW Collocation Method. The governing nonlinear PDEs may be turned into the nonlinear ODEs by similarity transformation. These nonlinear equations are turned into the set of linear ODEs by quasilinearization technique. The effective thermal conductivity and the effective dynamic viscosity of nanofluids have been taken as models of Maxwell–Garnetts and Brinkman. The effects of physical parameters have been displayed by graphs and tables.

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  • Gegenbauer wavelets
  • Squeezing flow
  • Nanofluids
  • Magnetic field
  • Quasilinearization technique