Instability of a horizontal water half-cylinder under vertical vibration


We present the results of an experimental investigation on parametrically driven waves in a water half-cylinder on a rigid horizontal plate, which is sinusoidally vibrated in the vertical direction. As the forcing amplitude is raised above a critical value, stationary waves are excited in the water half-cylinder. Parametrically excited subharmonic waves are non-axisymmetric and qualitatively different from the axisymmetric Savart–Plateau–Rayleigh waves in a vertical liquid cylinder or jet. Depending on the driving frequency, stationary waves of different azimuthal wave numbers are excited. A linear theory is also supplemented, which captures the observed dispersion relations quantitatively.

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Partial support from SERB, India through Project Grant No. EMR/2016/000185 is acknowledged. The authors acknowledge fruitful suggestions from anonymous referees, which improved the manuscript.

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Correspondence to Krishna Kumar.

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