Applied Physics B

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Pulse shaping in the presence of enormous second-order dispersion in Al:ZnO/ZnO epsilon-near-zero metamaterial

  • Priscilla Kelly
  • Lyuba Kuznetsova


A numerical study of the ultra-short pulse propagation in the aluminum-doped zinc oxide multi-layered metamaterial at the epsilon-near-zero spectral point is presented. The Drude model for dielectric permittivity and comparison with recent experimental data predict that damping frequency γD has the highest impact on the material losses and results in enormous second-order dispersion. Numerical simulations using both, the finite-difference time domain algorithm and the split-step Fourier method, show that variations of group velocity across the pulse at the epsilon-near-zero point results in a unique “soliton-like” propagation regime without nonlinearity for the propagation lengths of up to 300 nm.



This research was supported by UGP Grant from San Diego State University (242518). Priscilla Kelly gratefully acknowledges the financial support from National Science Foundation (NSF) (Graduate Research Fellowship Program 1321850). The authors acknowledge S. G. Johnson who made MEEP freely available to the community.


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  1. 1.Physics Department and Computational Science Research CenterSan Diego State UniversitySan DiegoUSA

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