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Investigation of optical properties of an overdense magnetized plasma lens in the interaction with high-intensity Gaussian laser pulses



Self-focusing of a high-intensity circularly polarized Gaussian laser pulse by an overdense magnetized thin plasma lens is numerically investigated. The quasi-static axial magnetic field can be produced by inverse Faraday effect (IFE) mechanism in laser–plasma interaction. It has been shown that the inclusion of self-transparency, ponderomotive force, and magnetic field effects significantly affect the self-focusing properties. When the strength of the magnetic field increases, the self-focusing property is enhanced for the right and is weakened for the left-handed circularly polarized laser pulse. The ponderomotive force repels electrons from the axis and drives electron cavitation and as a result further lowers the plasma frequency. When the influence of the ponderomotive force is taken into account, self-focusing for both polarizations is strongly affected. The clear difference between the effects of the right- and left-handed circularly polarized pulses may lead us to use them for different experimental applications.



This work was financially supported by INSF.


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