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Experimental access to doped fullerene polymers


compound could be obtained by slow cooling the high temperature fcc phase and by quenching with subsequent annealing. The various phases after quenching and during annealing were studied in detail. No evidence for a direct doping of undoped C60 to the polymeric AC60 phase was found. Due to the local character of the doping process the formation of A3C60 clusters is observed. The same results were obtained from doping experiments performed with undoped polymeric structures like phototransformed and pressure polymerized C60.

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Received: 6 October 1996/Accepted: 13 December 1996

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Winter, J., Burger, B., Hulman, M. et al. Experimental access to doped fullerene polymers. Appl Phys A 64, 257–262 (1997).

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