Magnetocaloric effect and critical magnetic behavior in Ni-rich Ni–Mn–Sn full Heusler alloy


In search of low-cost, hysteresis-free, broad working temperature magnetocaloric materials, Ni2.24Mn0.76Sn Heusler alloy has been prepared by the conventional arc melting method. The XRD pattern reveals that the sample is crystallized in Fm \(\overline{3}\) m space group in L21 cubic symmetry. The Maxwell's equation is employed on magnetic isotherms to determine the change in magnetic entropy. This alloy gives a reasonable magnetocaloric effect (\(\Delta S_{M}\) = 1.25 J/Kg-K and RCP = 83.87 J/Kg at 3 T) with a large working temperature (67 K at 3 T) near the room temperature. Critical exponents have been calculated using modified Arrott plot, Kouvel–Fisher plot, and critical isotherm analysis to understand the nature of phase transition and exchange interaction, causing magnetic ordering in the system. The values of critical exponents (β = 0.454 ± 0.015, γ = 1.145 ± 0.035, δ = 3.522 ± 0.009) and range of exchange interaction (σ = 1.698) fall in between long-range mean-field theory and short-range 3D Heisenberg model, indicating the complex nature of exchange interaction.

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Researchers would like to thank the CSIR and DST, Govt. of India for granting research fellowship.

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SD has contributed 50% to the work; SG and SKP have contributed 10%each; and MK has contributed 30% to the work.

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Correspondence to Manoranjan Kar.

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  • Heusler alloy
  • Phase transition
  • Magnetocaloric effect
  • Critical exponents
  • Exchange interaction