Total ionizing dose effects in junctionless accumulation mode MOSFET


In this paper, an extensive investigation of low-frequency (1/f) noise and total ionizing dose–response of junctionless accumulation mode double-gate (JAM DG) MOSFET is presented. Current–voltage (IdVg) characteristics and low-frequency noise of JAM DG MOSFET are simulated at different ionized doses and compared to different gate oxide thickness and different channel doping concentrations. A significant amount of irradiation-induced threshold voltage shift and increase in low-frequency noise is observed for different gate oxide thickness and channel doping concentration. Moreover, the irradiation-induced border trap densities are also obtained at different doses. The gamma radiation model of Sentaurus TCAD is used to get the required results.

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Authors wish to thank the Department of Electronic Science, University of Delhi and Avashesh Dubey; CSIR-SRF would like to thank Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) [File no: 09/045(1702)119EMR-I] for providing necessary fund during the course of this work.

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  • Junctionless accumulation mode MOSFET
  • Gamma radiation
  • Total ionizing dose (TID)
  • Border traps
  • Low-frequency noise
  • Sentaurus TCAD
  • Dosimeter
  • Radiation reliability