The most optimal barrier height of InGaN light-emitting diodes


In this paper, a novel structure is presented in order to decrease the polarization charges of quantum wells. The main purpose of this design is to make electron and hole wavefunctions closer to each other and to increase overlap integral following an increase of radiative recombination rates and internal quantum efficiency. Furthermore, carriers will be increased and become more balanced and identical which leads to an increase in efficiency of light-emitting diodes. The improvement of radiative recombination rates is studied in new structures. Energy bands diagram, carriers density, current density–voltage, and power density–current density are used to demonstrate the superior performance of the proposed structures and to find the optimal point. The carriers density diagrams for conventional and new structures reveal an increment in carriers injection in new structures. The radiative recombination rates diagram of the proposed structures also indicates that all potential wells participate in light emission.

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  • Polarization charges
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  • Radiative recombination rates