Tin-oxide nanoparticles doping impact in the polycrystalline superconducting \(\mathrm{Y}_3\mathrm{Ba}_5\mathrm{Cu}_8\mathrm{O}_{18\pm \delta }\) and \(\mathrm{Y}_1\mathrm{Ba}_2\mathrm{Cu}_3\mathrm{O}_{7-\delta }\) composites


The well-known yttrium founded polycrystalline superconductors named cuprates with high critical temperature (\(T_\mathrm{C}\)) and arrangement of pure \(Y_3\mathrm{Ba}_5\mathrm{Cu}_8\mathrm{O}_{18\pm \delta }\) (shortened-Y358) and \(Y_1\mathrm{Ba}_2\mathrm{Cu}_3\mathrm{O}_{7-\delta }\) (shortened-Y123) accompany with various (0.00, 0.40, and 0.50 wt%) nanoparticles Tin-doped (SnO2) composites were manufactured by solid-state response method. The X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscope (SEM), and energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDX) apparatuses were used to analyse the micro-features and morphological structures of the synthetic mixtures. The XRD associated with the pure Y358 compares to the Y123 specimen shown alike structures for both samples with approximately three times longer lattice parameter c. The SEM images related to the pure compounds exhibited different intergrowth crystals from the doped ones. The EDX diagrams display all the compositional components in appropriate quantities. Electrical resistivity \(\rho (T)\) measurements were performed to evaluate not only superconducting transition temperatures \((T_{\text {c zero}})\), (\(T_\mathrm{C}^\mathrm{Peak}\)) and (\(T_{\text {c onset}}\)) but also critical parameters such as critical magnetic field \(B_{\mathrm{c}2}(0)\) and critical current density \(J_\mathrm{c}(0)\) in pure and SnO2 added YBCO specimens. The data correlated to Y123 and Y358 compounds shown that rising SnO2 nanoparticle insertion into these samples triggered the enhancement of critical parameters which describes better flux pinning. Comparing these data regarding application and superconducting properties point of view confirmed that the sample Y358 with 0.50 wt% nano-sized (SnO2) inclusion is superior among them.

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The authors are grateful to Mr. Fatemi, for his help during the preparation of the samples, and also Mr. Nowroozi from Islamic Azad University-Shiraz branch and Mr. Mahmoodinezhad from the Brandenburg University of Technology, Germany, for their help and valuable comments.

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  • Superconducting parameters
  • SnO2 nanoparticle
  • Y358
  • Y123