Investigation of V2O5/Ge8Sb92 multilayer thin film for high-data-retention and high-speed phase change memory applications


In this paper, the V2O5/Ge8Sb92 multilayer thin films were prepared and investigated. Compared with Ge8Sb92, V2O5/Ge8Sb92 film had a higher crystallization temperature and a larger conductivity activation energy. The surface roughness for V2O5/Ge8Sb92 film was small before and after crystallization. The crystallization of V2O5/Ge8Sb92 was inhibited and the grain size was only 5.0 nm. A higher stability and smaller grain made V2O5/Ge8Sb92 multilayer film a potential application in high-density phase change memory.

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This research was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Nos. 11974008 and 11774438), Changzhou key laboratory of high technology research (CM20173002), and the open project of the institute of semiconductors, Chinese academy of sciences (klsm-1805).

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  • V2O5/ge8sb92 multilayer thin film
  • Thermal stability
  • Phase change memory