Gamma-ray shielding parameters of lithium borotellurite glasses using Geant4 code


The gamma-ray shielding parameters for ternary lithium borotellurite systems have been reported using Geant4 code. We simulated the mass attenuation coefficients using Geanr4 code between 284 keV and 1.33 MeV. We checked the accuracy of the simulated results by using XCOM software. The Geant4 and XCOM results showed a reasonable agreement. The maximum linear attenuation coefficient (LAC) values were reported at 284 keV and varied between 0.77914 and 0.81525 cm. The minimum LAC is found at 1.33 MeV and varied between 0.23742 and 0.25005 cm. The LAC reduced by 59.7% for TeLiB1 between 284 and 826 keV, while it reduced by only 6.7% at higher energies. The half-value layer (HVL) decreased due to the increase of B2O3 from 5 to 15 mol%, but the HVL values for the glasses which contain 80 mol% of TeO2 are lower than the HVL for the first three compositions (contain 75 mol% of TeO2). TeLiB6 glass is the best attenuator in this study due to the least HVL values of this sample. The results also revealed that TeLiB1 glass with thickness of 2.94803 cm is required to reduce the photon level carrying energy of 284 keV by a factor of one-tenth. For TeLiB6, it requires a sample with a thickness of 2.82123 cm for this aim at the same energy. The effective atomic number for the ternary lithium borotellurite glasses with 80 mol% of TeO2 is higher than those with 75 mol% of TeO2.

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The authors Imen Kebaili and Imed Boukhris gratefully thank the Deanship of Scientific Research at King Khalid University for financial support through research groups program under Grant No. (R.G.P.2/97/41).

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