Optimizing the performance of ZnO/Au/MgZnO/SiO2 sandwich structured UV photodetectors by surface plasmons in Ag nanoparticles


The dual-wavelength UV photodetector (PD) with sandwich structure of ZnO/Au/MgZnO/SiO2 was fabricated and investigated with an emphasis on the effects of the Ag nanoparticles localized surface plasmons (LSPs). The results demonstrated that the modification in Ag nanoparticle (NP) position played a remarkable influence on the performance of dual-wavelength UV photodetectors. In comparison with decorating Ag NPs on the surface of the PDs, embedding Ag NPs between the MgZnO and ZnO films could improve two peak responsivities (caused by MgZnO and ZnO layers) significantly. By calculating the responsivities enhancement ratio of double layers (MgZnO and ZnO), the results indicated that the enhancement ratio of MgZnO is higher than that of ZnO. This was ascribed to LSPs of energy match with MgZnO which was superior to ZnO. This work described a creative method for increasing the performance of dual-wavelength UV PDs.

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This work is supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 61774023), Scientific and Technological Development Project of Jilin Province, China (Grant No. 20190101008JH).

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  • ZnO
  • MgZnO
  • Dual wavelength
  • UV photodetectors
  • Ag nanoparticles
  • Surface plasmons