Applied Physics A

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Analyzing the effect of geometric parameters of double split ring resonator on the effective permeability and designing a cloak of invisibility in microwave regime

  • E. Moghbeli
  • H. R. Askari
  • M. R. Forouzeshfard


A metamaterial unit cell based on double split ring resonator has been designed. The SRRs consist of a pair of concentric square copper rings. The metamaterial unit cell designed in millimeter scales. Effect of some geometric parameters of the split ring resonator such as the size of the gap, the width of the split ring resonator copper wires, the length of the inner ring and the length of the outer ring on the magnetic permeability has been investigated. The magnetic resonance frequency, the magnetic plasma frequency, the resonance bandwidth and the effective magnetic permeability at 9.5 GHz related to each metamaterial unit cell with specified geometric parameters has been calculated. Using these metamaterial unit cells, an invisible cloak operating in microwave regime is designed. The situation of the gaps in the double split ring resonator with two and four gaps is also changed and the effective permeability for each of them is obtained.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Department of Physics, Faculty of ScienceVali-e-Asr UniversityRafsanjanIran

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