A sling of a normal right inferior vena cava around the abdominal aorta


Variations in the anatomy of inferior vena cava (IVC) may have important clinical implications. In-depth knowledge of its embryology and variations are of fundamental importance to prevent any potential medical complications related to anatomic variations of the IVC. In this article, we described a previously unreported, to the best of our knowledge, a variation of IVC. In the case we presented, the IVC was seen almost completely encircling the abdominal aorta. We decided to call this anatomic variation as “a sling of a normal right IVC around the abdominal aorta”. Cross-sectional imaging is a prompt and highly reliable method to evaluate IVC anatomy and may have significant clinical importance to prevent any potential complications related to IVC during surgery or interventional radiology procedures.

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ADK: manuscript writing, data collection, and image collection. SAD: manuscript editing, image collection, and preparation. DA: manuscript editing, data collection, and image collection. MNO: manuscript editing, data collection, and image collection. MK: manuscript editing, data collection, and image collection.

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Correspondence to Ali Devrim Karaosmanoglu.

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