Laparoscopic Versus Open Right Posterior Sectionectomy for Hepatocellular Carcinoma in a High-Volume Center: A Propensity Score Matched Analysis

  • Jinsoo Rhu
  • Sung Joo Kim
  • Gyu Seong Choi
  • Jong Man Kim
  • Jae-Won Joh
  • Choon Hyuck David Kwon
Original Scientific Report



While minimal invasive surgery is becoming popular in liver resection, right posterior sectionectomy (RPS) is still considered as a difficult procedure. We summarize the clinical data and investigate the feasibility of laparoscopic right posterior sectionectomy (LRPS) in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) by comparing its outcomes with those of open right posterior sectionectomy (ORPS).


We retrospectively reviewed 191 patients who underwent RPS for HCC during January 2009 to August 2016 at Samsung Medical Center. After 1:2 propensity score matching, 53 patients in LRPS group were matched to 97 patients in ORPS group.


There was no statistical difference in preoperative data. While operation time was significantly longer in LRPS group (381.1 ± 118.7 vs. 234.4 ± 63.7 min, P < 0.001), transfusion rate (13.2 vs. 2.1%, P = 0.061) and complication rate (9.4 vs. 8.3%, P = 0.709) were not statistically different between groups. Clustered Cox proportional hazards regression analysis for matched paired data showed no difference in both disease-free survival (P = 0.607) and overall survival (P = 0.858).


In HCC, LRPS can be performed safely compared to ORPS, regarding the operative outcome, patient recovery, and oncological outcomes.



This work was carried out with the support of the “Cooperative Research Program for Agriculture Science & Technology Development (Project No. PJ01100202, Yang Heung Mo, Ph.D.)” Rural Development Administration, Republic of Korea.

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  • Sung Joo Kim
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  • Gyu Seong Choi
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  • Jong Man Kim
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  • Jae-Won Joh
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  • Choon Hyuck David Kwon
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  1. 1.Department of SurgerySamsung Medical Center, Sungkyunkwan University School of MedicineSeoulKorea

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