GI Bleed DFP report

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      Hsu MJ, Shah N, Bernal-Fernandez M, HonShideler C, Soto JA, Anderson SW, Ramalingam V. CTA measurements of acute lower gastrointestinal bleeding size predict subsequent positive catheter angiography. Abdom Radiol 2020; 45:615-622

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    2. 2.

      Kim S, Marcus R, Wells ML, Sheedy SP, Hansel SL, Bruining DH, Barlow JM, Carter RE, Lee YS, Johnson MP, Fidler JL, Goenka AH, McCollough CH, Fletcher JG. The evolving role of imaging for small bowel neuroendocrine neoplasms: estimated impact of imaging and disease-free survival in a retrospective observational study. Abdom Radiol 2020; 45:623-631.

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      Hsu MJ, Dinh DC, Shan NA, Bernal-Fernandez MC, Soto JA, Anderson SW, Ramalingam V. Time to conventional angiography in gastrointestinal bleeding: CT angiography compared to tagged RBC scan. Abdom Radiol 2020; 45:307-311.

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