The prevalence and characteristics of osseous erosions associated with parameniscal cysts on knee MRI



To determine the prevalence and characteristics of erosions associated with parameniscal cysts (PMCs) and to evaluate the profile of the associated meniscal tears

Materials and methods

PACS database was reviewed for knee MRI scans performed over a 5-year period identifying those with PMCs in patients aged 18 years and above. The scans with PMCs were evaluated for the presence of associated osseous erosions. These erosions and PMCs were then analyzed.


The search revealed 6773 knee MRI examinations, of which 555 had confirmed PMCs. There were 7 PMC-associated erosions for a prevalence of 1.3% (95% CI 0.6, 2.6). All erosions involved the proximal tibia. Three of 7 erosions had underlying marrow edema, and 4 out of 7 had an overhanging margin. The mean dimension of all PMCs was 13 mm (SD = 11). The mean dimension of PMCs associated with erosions was 38 mm (SD = 22), while that of PMCs without erosions was 12 mm (SD = 10) (P < 0.001, Wilcoxon rank sum test). Ninety-three percent (95% CI 90.5, 94.8) of PMCs had associated meniscal tears, most commonly of the horizontal type (57%). All PMCs with underlying erosions were associated with meniscal tears, most commonly complex type tears (5/7).


Erosions can rarely be associated with contiguous parameniscal cysts (PMCs). These cysts are significantly larger compared with those without underlying erosions.

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Parameniscal cyst


Proton density


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Confidence interval


Magnetic resonance imaging


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