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Manfred Eigen: From relaxation kinetics to evolution


Manfred Eigen, the Nobel laureate in Chemistry for 1967 and scholar of fast chemical reactions and molecular evolution, celebrated his 90th birthday on May 09, 2017. A whole issue of the European Biophysics Journal containing fourteen contributions from former students, post-docs, and colleagues of Manfred has been dedicated to him on this occasion. Manfred’s two major contributions to science are illustrated best by the overwhelming response his two key publications, one in each distinct field, got in the scientific community as “most highly cited papers”: (1) Proton transfer, acid–base catalysis, and enzyme hydrolysis in Angewandte Chemie, International Edition 3:1–19 (1964) and (2) Selforganization of matter and the evolution of biological macromolecules in Naturwissenschaften 58:465–523 (1971). Self-organization and evolution play a central role in Manfred Eigen’s thoughts that he formulated scholarly in the centennial book “From strange simplicity to familiar complexity. A...

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