Tracheal narrowing in children and adults with mucopolysaccharidosis type IVA: evaluation with computed tomography angiography



Mucopolysaccharidosis type IVA (MPS IVA) is characterized by progressive skeletal dysplasia and respiratory issues with difficult airway management during anesthesia.


To characterize tracheal abnormalities in children and adults with MPS IVA including interplay of the trachea, vasculature, bones and thyroid at the thoracic inlet.

Materials and methods

Computed tomography (CT) angiograms of the chest were analyzed for trachea shape, narrowing and deviation at the thoracic inlet, course of vasculature, bone alignment and thyroid location. The tracheal cross-sectional area was measured at the cervical, thoracic inlet and intrathoracic levels.


Thirty-seven patients (mean age: 18.1 years) were included. The mean tracheal cross-sectional area narrowing at the thoracic inlet was 63.9% (range: −2.1–96%), with a trend for increased tracheal narrowing in older children. The trachea was commonly deviated rightward posterior (22/37, 59%). T- or W-shaped tracheas had two times greater tracheal narrowing than D- or U-shaped tracheas (P<0.05). The brachiocephalic artery was tortuous in 35/37 (95%) with direct impingement on the trachea in 24/37 (65%). No correlation was observed between bony thoracic inlet diameter and tracheal narrowing. The thyroid was located in the thoracic inlet in 28/37 (76%) cases, significantly associated with tracheal narrowing (P=0.016).


Narrowing, deviation and abnormal shape of the trachea at the thoracic inlet are common in children and adults with MPS IVA, with a trend toward increased narrowing with advancing age in children. A W- or T-shaped trachea is associated with focal tracheal narrowing. Crowding of the thoracic inlet, due to vascular tortuosity and thyroid position, appears to play a major role.

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