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Trends in management and complications of anterior cruciate ligament injuries in pediatric patients: a survey of the PRiSM Society

Popkin CA, Wright ML, Pennock AT et al

J Pediatr Orthop (2018)38:e61-e65

The authors surveyed 71 (68 responded) orthopedic members of the Pediatric Research in Sports Medicine (PRiSM) study group to evaluate changes of management of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury since the prior survey reported by Kocker et al. in 2002. For an 8-year-old, athletic child with acute complete ACL tear, 7% (5/68) recommended nonoperative treatment, 3% (2/68) recommended delayed surgical treatment until skeletal maturation, while 90% (60/68) recommended surgery (53% with iliotibial band technique, 34% with autograft hamstring and physeal sparing or all-epiphyseal technique, 1.5% with allograft, and 1.5% with ACL repair). In 2002, nonoperative, delayed surgery and operative treatment were 58%, 26% and 16%, respectively. For an athletic patient with 2 years of growth...

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