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Imaging appearances of soft-tissue tumors of the pediatric foot: review of a 15-year experience at a tertiary pediatric hospital

  • Pablo Caro-Domínguez
  • Oscar M. Navarro


Tumors of the foot are rare in children. In this review the authors illustrate radiographic, sonographic and MR imaging findings of foot soft-tissue tumors in children based on all cases presenting at a tertiary pediatric hospital during the 15-year period of 1999–2014. Among these cases there were 155 tumors of the foot — 72 of the bones and 83 of the soft tissues. Vascular malformations, fibromatosis and sarcomas were respectively the most frequent benign, intermediate and malignant soft-tissue tumors. Some tumors showed specific imaging findings. In imaging investigations, ultrasound can be used as the first imaging modality for diagnostic workup of most lesions because it is noninvasive, low-cost and readily available, and can confirm the presence of the mass and evaluate cystic components, especially in young children who would otherwise require sedation for MR imaging. MR imaging is the reference standard technique because of its high tissue contrast, which allows for detection and characterization of soft-tissue and bone abnormalities. MR imaging is useful as the first imaging modality in select cases, including those with high suspicion of malignancy, very large lesions or pre-treatment lesions. Recognition of some typical imaging findings in pediatric soft-tissue foot tumors is helpful to establish diagnosis and facilitate patient management.


Children Foot Magnetic resonance imaging Neoplasm Soft-tissue tumor Ultrasound 


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