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The radiology report: a guide to thoughtful communication for radiologists and other medical professionals, by Curtis P. Langlotz

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2015, Paperback 274 pp, English, ISBN-10: 1515174085, ISBN-13: 978-1515174080, US $17.95
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Early in Curtis Langlotz’s new and interesting book, The Radiology Report: A Guide to Thoughtful Communication for Radiologists and Other Medical Professionals, is a passage where the author relates the harsh editing of one of his early radiology reports. Those of us lucky enough to have one or two grammarian mentors remember the bitter medicine that was doled out. Like Dr. Langlotz, I too had the opportunity to work with transcription from both tape and “tank” services, and like the rest of you I now work in the world of self-editing and voice recognition. We might call this epoch our “word salad days.” Often I look at radiology reports and think that our voice recognition program has suffered a stroke affecting the Wernicke area.

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The radiology report is a slim paperback. It is first an attempt to hold back a tide of gibberish put forth by many of our colleagues. But it is neither a text nor an atlas. It is rather an annotated commentary on how we craft a report. The...

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