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Sonography of pediatric blunt scrotal trauma: what the pediatric urologist wants to know

  • Laura Z. FentonEmail author
  • S. Pinar Karakas
  • Laurence Baskin
  • Jeffrey B. Campbell
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Pediatric blunt scrotal trauma is most often the consequence of sports injury and presents a diagnostic challenge because swelling and pain make a scrotal physical exam difficult. US with color flow and duplex Doppler is the first-line imaging modality with the goal of accurate and timely diagnosis of injury requiring surgery to preserve fertility and hormonal function. US imaging findings following blunt scrotal trauma include hydrocele, hematocele, testicular hematoma, testicular fracture, testicular rupture, compromised perfusion/testicular torsion and testicular dislocation. Importantly, several of these findings may coexist. Our goal is to present the pertinent intrascrotal anatomy, US imaging findings for each testicular injury, and contemporary management for each, with emphasis on what our pediatric urology colleagues need to know for optimal patient care.


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