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Eccentric capitellar ossification limits the utility of the radiocapitellar line in young children

Fader LM, Laor T, Eismann EA et al

J Pediatr Orthop (2016)36:161–166

The authors of this report retrospectively reviewed elbow MR exams on relationship of the radiocapitellar line (RCL) with the cartilaginous center and ossification center of capitellum in coronal and sagittal planes in 82 children (43 boys, 39 girls; 1–13 years). The RCL intersected the central third of the cartilaginous capitellum in 98% (80/82) of elbows in sagittal planes and 99% (73/74) of elbows in coronal plane. The result does not differ with age. The RCL intersected the central third of ossified capitellum in 68% (54/82) of elbows in the sagittal plane and 27% (20/74) of elbows in the coronal plane. Younger patients were significantly less likely than older patients to have the RCL intersect the central third of the ossification nucleus of the capitellum in both the sagittal (B = 0.47, P < 0.001) and coronal...

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