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Martin ‘Dick’ Wittenborg 1914–1969: a legacy

  • Gerald G. BehrEmail author
  • Walter E. Berdon
Historical Perspective


The life of Martin H. Wittenborg was short. During his tenure at Boston Children’s Hospital, he wrote brilliant papers based on his observations regarding such entities as intestinal malrotation and vascular rings and slings. He wrote about his extensive experience using radiotherapy in the treatment of neuroblastoma and its effects on the growing spine. This article reflects the memories of some of his students, who describe him as a brilliant teacher. His effect on so many and his contributions are all the more remarkable considering the fact that Wittenborg was deaf.


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Guilio D’Angio offered reflections on working alongside Wittenborg. David Baker offered reflections on training with Wittenborg. Wittenborg’s daughter, Karin, shared her memories of her father, in particular detailing his profound deafness as well as that of herself and her brother. N. Thorne Griscom offered further insights into the life of Wittenborg as well as editorial assistance with the manuscript.

On Oct. 10, 2013, the first Martin Herman Wittenborg memorial lecture was given in Boston, MA.

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