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Aplasia of the parotid glands with accessory parotid tissue

  • Meghan J. Higley
  • Thomas W. WalkiewiczEmail author
  • Jeffrey H. Miller
  • John G. Curran
  • Richard B. Towbin
Case Report


Congenital absence of the parotid gland is a rare entity. Absence is most commonly unilateral, and is not associated with accessory glandular tissue. In the majority of reported cases, parotid gland aplasia is seen with craniofacial abnormalities or hypoplasia of other ectodermal structures, particularly the lacrimal glands. We present a 14-year-old male with bilateral parotid gland aplasia detected incidentally on MRI of the brain and then confirmed on neck CT. The studies also revealed accessory parotid tissue superficial to the left masseter muscle. There were no associated craniofacial abnormalities. The lacrimal glands and submandibular glands were normal.


Parotid gland Abnormalities Congenital MRI Tomography Spiral computed 


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  • Meghan J. Higley
    • 1
  • Thomas W. Walkiewicz
    • 1
    Email author
  • Jeffrey H. Miller
    • 1
  • John G. Curran
    • 1
  • Richard B. Towbin
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of RadiologyPhoenix Children’s HospitalPhoenixUSA

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