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The ALARA concept in pediatric imaging: building bridges between radiology and emergency medicine: consensus conference on imaging safety and quality for children in the emergency setting, Feb. 23–24, 2008, Orlando, FL – Executive Summary

  • Donald P. FrushEmail author
  • Karen S. Frush


This ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) conference is the fourth in a continuing series and was conceived by and executed through the Safety Committee for the Society for Pediatric Radiology under the leadership of Drs. Sue Kaste and Tom Slovis. The preceding three conferences dealt with the ALARA dose management concept in CT for children (2001), computed radiography and digital radiography (CR/DR) (2004) and fluoroscopy and angiography (2006). A fifth ALARA conference, on imaging in pediatric oncology, occurred recently at the Society for Pediatric Radiology annual meeting in Scottsdale, AZ, in May 2008.

The fourth ALARA conference differs from the preceding three in that this was the first interdisciplinary course, bringing together pediatric emergency medicine physicians and pediatric radiologists, as well as technologists, physicists, and industry representatives. Unlike the previous conferences, which dealt predominantly with imaging technology and optimizing...


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