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On morphisms of commutative monoids


The aim of this work is to study monoid morphisms between commutative monoids. Algorithms to check if a monoid morphism between two finitely generated monoids is injective and/or surjective are given. The structure of the set of monoid morphisms between a monoid and a cancellative monoid is also studied and an algorithm to obtain a system of generators of this set is provided.

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Correspondence to J. I. García García.

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Communicated by Jorge Almeida.

J.I. García García was partially supported by MTM2010-15595.

M.A. Moreno Frías was partially supported by MTM2008-06201-C02-02 and FQM-298.

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García García, J.I., Moreno Frías, M.A. On morphisms of commutative monoids. Semigroup Forum 84, 333–341 (2012).

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