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, Volume 95, Issue 3, pp 323–330 | Cite as

On complex structures¶in 8-dimensional vector bundles

  • Martin Čadek
  • Jiří Vanžura


Necessary and sufficient conditions for the existence of a complex structure in an 8-dimensional spin vector bundle over a closed connected spin manifold of dimension 8 are given in terms of characteristic classes. The result completes the papers by Heaps [H] and Thomas [T] on the same topic.

Mathematics Subject Classification (1991): 57R22, 57R25, 55R25, 22E99 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Martin Čadek
    • 1
  • Jiří Vanžura
    • 2
  1. 1.Faculty of Sciences, Masaryk University, Janáčkovo nám. 2a, 662 95 Brno,¶Czech Republic. e-mail: cadek@math.muni.czCZ
  2. 2.Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Institute of Mathematics, Žižkova 22,¶61662 Brno, Czech Republic. e-mail: vanzura@ipm.czCZ

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