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Geometric Bogomolov conjecture for abelian varieties and some results for those with some degeneration (with an appendix by Walter Gubler: the minimal dimension of a canonical measure)

  • Kazuhiko YamakiEmail author


In this paper, we formulate the geometric Bogomolov conjecture for abelian varieties, and give some partial answers to it. In fact, we insist in a main theorem that under some degeneracy condition, a closed subvariety of an abelian variety does not have a dense subset of small points if it is a non-special subvariety. The key of the proof is the study of the minimal dimension of the components of a canonical measure on the tropicalization of the closed subvariety. Then we can apply the tropical version of equidistribution theory due to Gubler. This article includes an appendix by Walter Gubler. He shows that the minimal dimension of the components of a canonical measure is equal to the dimension of the abelian part of the subvariety. We can apply this result to make a further contribution to the geometric Bogomolov conjecture.

Mathematics Subject Classification (2000)

Primary 14G40 Secondary 11G50 


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